It is tough being a girl, especially in our culture today.  The world feeds our young girls all kinds of lies about the way they should look, act, and live their lives.  The Girls Ministry at TRBC is committed to fighting those lies with God’s truth to help empower young girls to stand firm on God’s Word, and to find their true identity in Christ.

Every semester we have a Girls Night In that focuses on a topic that our girls deal with today.  We cover many different topics such as friendships, relationships, true beauty, modesty, bravery, and boldness.  These events are on a Friday night from 7-10pm. 

We also have a girls outreach event every Spring called Center Stage. This event is built around life groups, and allows life groups to go out and serve our community together. The day starts off with an opening rally, and consists of evangelism training, a service project, and a closing rally where the girls are able to share what God did throughout their serve project. We want students to be challenged throughout this event to see that they can serve every day exactly where they are at, and share the Gospel in everything that they do.