Current Series


A hurricane is a storm system comprised of strong rains and heavy winds.  A hurricane can be up to 600 miles across and have winds spiraling inwards and upwards of 75 to 200mph.  When they come onto land, the heavy rain, winds and waves can cause massive danger.  Hurricanes often develop an eye, which is an area of relative calm at the center of circulation. The eye is often visible in satellite images as a small, circular, cloud-free spot.  The Fall is the peak period for hurricanes along the Atlantic coast.  We have spent the last few months hearing reports of them forming in the ocean and building as they approached the coast.


The truth is that we have all faced hurricanes in our lives.  Those kinds of hurricanes come in the form of a disappointment, a heartache, a major loss, or a challenge that may not have seemed big to everyone else, but to us was huge.  Life is filled with those kinds of hurricanes.  In fact, it is fair to say that every person is either in a hurricane now, has just come through a hurricane, or will soon face one.


In this series, we will show the students that the Bible actually has a lot to say about the hurricanes we face in life.  There we learn that God is like the eye of a hurricane.  He remains calm and in control even in the midst of them.  And he uses the hurricanes we face in life to draw us closer to Him and to show others his love and healing power.


Part 1 (November 6) – Jesus Is In Always Control

The first week we are going to set up the series by talking about how the hurricanes we hear about on the news and on the Weather Channel reflect those moments in life when things go unexplainably out of control.  We will look at the disciples, who were afraid when their small boat was out on the water at night in the middle of a tremendous storm, and at Jesus, who was never afraid because He was in control.  Students will be challenged to see that Jesus is always in control—even when the waves seem to be crashing and our world feels like it is falling apart.  They will be encouraged to find courage in knowing that God will walk with them through the hurricanes of life.

Part 2 (November 13) – It’s Ok To Ask Why

“Why, God?” If you have ever said a prayer, it has probably been this one.  “Why God” is a natural response when we are hurting. This week, students will learn that it is ok to ask this question.  While there may not be a very clear and rational answer, sometimes God uses the struggle to show us something about ourselves, about Himself, or to draw us into a closer relationship with Him.  We will challenge our students to find courage in knowing that God will never waste their pain, for he can use it to teach them lessons that they may never learn any other way.
Part 3 (November 20) – Hurricanes Can Be Megaphones For God

From the outside looking in, it seems like following Jesus or going to church would exempt us from all of the pain and trials of life.  After all, shouldn’t all those Sundays waking up early count for something?  They do count for something, but one of the difficult things we discover when we become a Christian is that life can still be really hard sometimes.  But, through the difficulties, we learn that God is right there with us and that he can use our hurricanes to show the world around us his love, power and might.  This week we are going to look at the potential for influence that we can have through the hurricanes we endure.